Postcards are In!

Check it out! Official Fucked in Space postcards are here and ready to be shipped out to Kickstarter supporters! Well. after Doctor Scuba has his way with them, of course.

In editing news, Episode 4 is coming along nicely, and I’m just about to begin work on visual effects and “exteriors” for Episode 5. Its been a while since I’ve worked with the ol’ Fucked in Space Spaceship miniature (spoiler alert: its a 2 litir bottle), so I’m not sure what kind of shape its in. Good news though – it doesn’t matter. Exciting times!


We did it! We exceeded our Kickstarter goal by raising $5,564! HUGE THANKS to every one who contributed! Please continue to check back to this site for updates on the show, links to content, and a whole bunch of other important Fucked In Space related stuff. THIS SERIES IS GOING TO BE EPIC!! Now please excuse me while I get back to editing…